Pole Series 1, Lesson 1 addendum: Rock The Walk

Was it just me or was yesterday particularly awesome?!

I taught my first dance class in eons to some seriously rad chicks. The good news: I had a blast and think the dancers did too. The not as good news: I was a bit rusty but keep reminding myself that first times are usually more about jumping in than technical perfection.

After class, I was all worried that I didn’t give enough time nor attention to teaching The Walk. EVERY radiant Pole Dancer, Runway Model or Strong Southern Woman on a Warpath will tell you; The Walk is KEY.

And then this happened:

Beyonce KILLED it during half time at Super Bowl 2013.

Click below for the full halftime performance video:


(Sidebar: BOO to the NFL for shutting down every YouTube video I can find and thereby insisting you click on the link above where you will endure EONS of commercials before seeing the video.)

And I was in awe of Beyonce’s killer performance for a solid 15 minutes (buh bye ADD!). Of course she’s gorgeous, an epic singer and a rad dancer… but she is also a woman that just ROCKS her walks.

May we all walk like we mean it today and every day.



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